Homestuck Roleplay


Welcome to the Homestuck Roleplay!

Please read the following when you first come on

The Storyline

Our fanfictions are us as trolls,


None of us acted like out human self

Karkat restored our memory. We have become friends and blend in with all of the other trolls. Karkat has explained to us about quadrants

(More times then needed on a regular basis) and about how we used to be humans. We may or may not talk to our human self, or current doomed timeline selves. We all now have a lusus and and a hive.

We live in the post scratch universe and the regular humans to us, are the children of The Beta Kids, not the Alpha Kids. They are different. They are Josh (From Jade), Drew (From Dave), Rene (Rehn-ay From Rose), and Jess (From John). Since this is the Post Scratch universe, they are 15 1/2, not 13.

Our Human Selves

We may or may not talk to our presant self. All the people we used to know as humans, have lost all memories of us. Except, the trolls, skull people, and anyone else who has to do with our SGrub session, completely remember us. We turned trolls at 15 1/2. Our human self doesn't have to be you. You don't have to do your new human in character/troll submission form though.

The idea of being able to talk to yourself as your own character is fun, so let your fanfic talk to you!

Here is our new homestuck roleplay. We use fanfictions not real characters. You use real homestuck characters like we side characters. May I also ask you to quickly make their quadrant and troll handle within Troll Submission Form.

 Also, I am going to bug you about this in school and all the time if you don't. Whenever you are making your character talk, or you are having them troll someone, make sure you use their quirk. Normal writing can be written normally unless you want to. But again, when ANY CHARACTER is talking or typing, talk like them.

Here is an example of a post.

Cassie (my friend's original fan fiction) went to go troll the Rose-Human.

*Cassie started trolling Rose* or *FR started Trolling TT

TT: Hello Cassie. How are you doing?

FR: xX Pretty darn kwel! Xx

Cassie rolled around the bed (ALOT like crazy) while she trolled her human friend.

TT: Well, that's nice but I am currently doing something, so I must go.

FR: xX Ok 3: Xx

FR: xX Pester me later though! Xx

TT: Alright

FR: xX Bye Xx

 You don't have to do the colors it just makes things easier. Just remember who is talking though. If you do do colors, it doesn't have to perfectly be the same color, but they should be similar. Also, they can change thier color of writing, I would have them have the same color as their blood though unless they have candy red blood.

If you have a character that curses, just use *'s or don't write it. I just try not to have my characters curse as much as I imagine them to.